Worst. Manager. Ever.

I seriously cannot stand "working for" this guy. We have a huge update to our environment going live and he *just told me* that we're doing it tomorrow at midnight. WTF. That's something I should had known weeks ago. I ask him questions and he won't give me answers. Like "And what's the game plan, what's the timeline?" and he just says "you know what it is". No I don't. He hordes information like crazy. He won't tell me anything.

If this continues i'm gone. Without Khyle here there's no sensible management, and I cannot stand Eric.

It pisses me off like no other when someone refuses to share information to make himself look and feel important. Go to all the meetings, not forward emails, and then say "ok... do it." Do what?

He needs his ass kicked. And I want Khyle back.

Gabe Kangas

Jul 23, 2007