Should I Create a Work Category?

I think I might need it. So I was made aware yesterday by "manager" that they planned on deploying the big platform update this weekend. This weekend. Lollapalooza. They scheduled this without asking me, without inviting me to any planning meetings. Nothing.

I missed Friday last year of Lollapalooza because of work. I refuse to miss it this year. If they want to deploy it this weekend, have fun. In fact, a document I saw said that i'm not even required to be there. I know that's not true, but they just don't care enough to write my name down. It's only Eric this, Eric that. Eric does everything. Fuck Eric. I take no responsibility for this place as long as i'm ignored. I'm going to Lollapalooza and i'm not showing up for anything that I'm not given a say in.

They require my skills, but they don't require me. Funny.

This place has been awful ever since ex-uber-manager got promoted, and now even worse since he left. I was respected so much by him when he was my direct manager, and now it's like i'm not even here. I used to get invited to meetings and have input in how things are done. Now if I didn't show up i'm not sure anyone would notice.

I'll give it some time, i'm not sure how much. But I won't deal with this forever, as I don't see it getting any better.

They'll be sorry if i'm not here and then Eric leaves when his wife drops a baby in however many months. But that's how it'll be.

Gabe Kangas

Jul 31, 2007