Phone Nerd

I haven't done a little project for a while. I've been slacking. So I started one last night. I realized I never use my Vonage line. At all. It's really a complete waste of money. I used 0 min out of 500 last month. How very sad. Even though I like the features, I never use it.

So yesterday I decided to read up and learn about Asterisk, an open-source software PBX system. I signed up to a Voip provider and got a local number. When that number is dialed the provider makes a SIP call to my PBX and the call is answered over IP. Once Asterisk answers that call I can do anything I want. Forward to my cell, have a menu, voicemail, etc.

At this point i've got Asterisk to actually answer the call, so that's a win. I've also been able to leave a voicemail for an extension. Now I have to learn about forwarding calls elsewhere.


Gabe Kangas

Jul 28, 2007