Happy Day Off / General Personal Update

The whole America rah-rah thing isn't my bag, so I celebrate this holiday for what it really is. A day off. So one of my favorite guys at work, my uber-manager, Khyle is leaving. It sucks. He's an awesome guy, an outstanding manager and i'm worried about the atmosphere once he's gone.

I've got a new title in the company, I guess I never posted about that. "Senior Systems Administrator, West Notifications Group". I've been a full time employee for a few months now after leaving Oronova. All in all it's a good gig. A lot has changed with the acquisition but I generally get to stay out of a lot of it. I'm just on a lot more conference calls now. I'm worried with Khyle leaving the lameness will kick up a notch, along with Eric's ego, and it will become one very sad place. But at the moment, I really enjoy being an employee of West. I think I fit in with the group there more than any other place i've ever been at, and i'm honestly appreciated also for the first time. With all the good things personally about the job it's too bad to see all the little bad things slip through the cracks. But all in all i'm positive.

Positive you say? Where did that come from? I know, i'm generally the least positive person on earth and you may wonder where this silver lining came from. An orange bottle. That's right, i'm a certified nut, and I couldn't be happier about it.

I've been on Lexapro for a few months now and my friends, it really is a miracle drug. I don't want to sit here and make 100 posts about drugs i'm on, but this has really been a game changer for me. I'm really enjoying my life for the first time ever. The small stresses and annoyances are no longer enough for me to want to jump off a bridge. I'm making friends, i'm going out, and i'm having a good time. All things I haven't done probably since high school.

Sure, the world sucks. But if you find a way to filter the crap and enjoy the things worth enjoying, then maybe it's a place worth living in after-all.

Gabe Kangas

Jul 4, 2007