AIM High

So long story short, like 7 months ago I changed the password on my AIM screen name in order to do some testing of code I was working on. I never changed the password back, and my client somehow forgot what the password was. As did I. I couldn't get the stupid "reset password" thing to work on, so I figured now was as good of a time as any just to sign up a new name again. My buddy lists get so long and crapped up with random people every 4 years or so it's good just to start over anyway.

So go ahead and throw "TheGabeKangas" on your buddy list.

Of course, after I decided to create that name I did a grep through some old apache logs and saw that password I forgot in a HTTP GET request for that code I was working on. So whatever, i'll keep both of them logged in :)

Had to go into work tonight. It kinda sucks having to make that extra trip there, but what needs to be done needs to be done.

Ok, off to bed. I really need my sleep. But a wise man once said "You can sleep when you're dead." Oh wait, that was MDFMK i'm thinking of. Oh well.

Gabe Kangas

Jul 16, 2007