Argh. I hate when I get sick, it never goes away. I got sick this weekend and it'll be here to stay for a while. It's the standard "i think it's a cold" but really I know it's a sinus infection, because that's what I get. It's a sore throat because of all the crap falling from my sinuses as a post-nasal drip, and when I blow my nose I get equal part nose crap and blood crap. Yes, it's a sinus infection. If I make myself go to the doctor and get antibiotics it will go away. If I don't, it will stay... indefinitely, until I go to the doctor. In other news, at noon Central time Steve Jobs will kick off this years WWDC with a bang as usual with his Stevenote and tell us what we all need. Some things to look for.

* Leopard * iPhone SDK * New .mac service powered by Google * .. and much much more.