Happy Friday, Friends

I had a good birthday. Went to Pepes and had Tacos. Drank some Margar33tas. Played Super Mario Brothers 3, and drank some beer. I can't really ask for more than that. Img 8768{width="133” height="100”}

I got my furniture in. Even with more crap, my apartment still looks empty. Argh. I try so hard. At least I have a dining room table and coffee table and some chairs now. No more eating pizza off the floor. I'm looking at a new slipcover for my couch, since the old one was all full of cat hair, so I washed it, and now it won't fit. I washed it in cold water, but it's still messed up. http://www.bemz.com/products/2/3/17/0/24/front/ those people have some cool ones. I'll probably just get another plain black one to match my decor.

I put up some shelves this past week, so that helped too. More stuff off the floor. And I started to put my audio equipment together. I booted up the PC and loaded up some files. A HUGE sigh of relief from me when it all worked. I've feared for the day I turned it on, because I was really afraid that It wasn't going to after all the transit. It was moved a few times, and I honestly do not know what i'd do if I lost the data on that drive. I know, I know, backups. But it's not just the files. It's the whole environment that's important. All the plugins and programs and everything. A reinstall and copying back of the data files wouldn't work. I had planned on cloning the drive with Ghost previously, but then "The Potting Soil" incident happened and I ran out of time and had to get that computer out of the house.

Well, it's Friday ladies and gentlemen. I hope you have a good weekend. I'm going to a party with Lauren on Saturday for one of her friends that got married, so that should be fun.

Stay r33t, j'all.