An Update Now That Things Are Done

So yeah. I'm divorced. She's still being really awful about things, though. I've let her know that if she hates me so much, she should stop reading my blog. I seriously don't get it. Nobody that she knows reads it. She never read it before we separated. She's just trying to make my life difficult.

But being she probably won't stop reading, and I guess my prose here is just so thrilling i'm going to have to set a ground rule for myself. The term is "Public Disclosure of Private Facts." Private facts, in this sense, is a legal term. It is defined as more or less things that only you, the other person, and probably their Doctor would ever know. It doesn't mean things they don't want said, or things that are embarrassing. It is a legal term and is quite specific.

So if I said "Sam is an ass." That is acceptable. If I said "Sam emailed me and called me an ass." That is acceptable. If I said "Sam told me he has a huge mole on his ass", that may not be acceptable.

So it turns out the joint account I planned on paying off with Kelley, that was agreed to in our settlement agreement has already been closed. I agreed to pay that account because it had my name on it. She closed it without telling me, and then put on the divorce papers that she would close it once I paid it off. Except she lied, because she already closed it without telling anyone. So this is the second time she's committed purgery in this whole thing now. Oh well, what's done is done. I expect no less from her, really. Interestingly, she won't give me the payment information to pay what i'm legally obligated to pay. She said I can send it directly to her. Nice, but no.

Went to her house on Sunday, and Dan was there. I asked Kelley to show some respect and not have him there, but she just wants to make things more difficult. I'm not sure why. If I were her i'd do *everything* in my power to make this quick and easy. Except she's to make this long and difficult. And it's still not over.

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Gabe Kangas

Jun 19, 2007