A Request to Put Some Life Into PandoraFM

So PandoraFM version 3 is a little long in the tooth, i'm aware. It's almost a year old now. I'm proud to say, it still seems to work great! One year and 2.6 million tracks later people still use it every day, and people are still discovering it for the first time. That being said, the people who have been using it deserve something new. At the very least Pandora has updated their color scheme and PandoraFM no longer looks as pretty with regards to matching it. Last.FM has added tons of functionality with regards to a new API version and an embedded flash radio player. There's a lot to be excited about and a lot to take advantage of in this space.

However, I'm not the one to do it. At least not right now.

I could go into a list of reasons why, but this isn't about me, this is about PandoraFM and what it deserves. And at this point it deserves some attention.

So I'm posting to my personal blog first to see if anyone runs into this post that is seriously interested in putting time and effort into the project. Maybe not one person, maybe a team. If so, i'd be more than happy to be a proud member of that team if you let me :)

So if you run across this and you're seriously interested, you seriously have ideas, and you seriously have the drive then drop me an email. If you're not sure, then it's probably not for you, and that's ok too.

And one last important note that may take away PandoraFM for good that you can help with. We're lucky to currently have Pandora and Last.FM and the multitude of other internet radio sources out there. I hope in a couple months we can say the same. Due to the copyright royalty board rate increases, I'm not so sure we will. If that passes, then this whole thing is moot and the life of this, and many other projects is over already anyway. So do your part and visit www.savenetradio.org. And once that hurdle is passed hopefully we can all take a huge sigh of relief and just enjoy the music again.

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Gabe Kangas

Jun 27, 2007