A New Beginning

Thursday marked a big day in my life. A page was turned, and a new chapter began. Sometimes things happen that you can't change, and sometimes they don't always go the way you hope they would. Sometimes you force things into your life and they cause a wound that just won't heal. There are good days, there are bad days. But you know in the end that it won't work out, and it would eventually be gone forever.

Thursday marked that point where it would be gone forever.

There's been many days where I told myself i'd make it work, that i'd find a way. We've gone together to see specialists, and even took a break for a short duration to see if anything would change. Have you ever had feelings so deeply about something that you just ignored the obvious? Thursday I had to face those facts that I now have to move on.

Yes, Thursday I took the tragus piercing out of my left ear. It's been almost a year and a half, and it never really healed properly. When I get sick, like I am now, it flares up, bleeds and gets really gross. So please allow me some time to mourn, as I'll surely miss that piercing for some time to come. It's been there day in and day out for me, and now it's gone.

Oh yeah, and I got divorced on Thursday.

Gabe Kangas

Jun 14, 2007