So Sue Me and I Moved Into My New Apartment

I don't have a lot of time, as I need to finish getting ready for work, but i'd thought i'd post something up. I moved into my new apartment, and it kicks ass. Everything went really smooth. Nothing is really broke, no walls with holes in them, nothing crazy. It went really well, and I had a great crew helping me out. I'll get more into the apartment later, but I'm just glad to finally be here. Check out my Videos page to see some short tours.

Secondly, I got my final divorce papers. I'm under no pressure to sign them, and i'm certainly not going to. Why? There is a clause that if I post to my blog and it mentions Kelley, she's suing me. I'm 100% serious, she's going to sue me. Things keep happening that I couldn't make up if I tried, it's really quite amazing. So she's only hurting herself at this point, because I'm not going to sign her papers. Her fault, not mine. Try and take away free speech, and things get messy. I'll be contacting the EFF today. It'd be different if I was posting things like "Kelley, man, she's awful. I think she's a cocaine addict. I'm pretty sure she killed 14 kittens and ate them for dinner last night." Then fine, sue me for libel or something. But you can't sue someone for telling their own story, the truth, just because you happen to be a part of it. It's her fault she made herself a part of this.

Enjoy your monday.

Gabe Kangas

May 7, 2007