Started Packing My Music Equipment

Obvious to say I won't be working no music again for a long while. Everything will be in boxes. That started tonight. Kelley has been packing my clothes and other personal belongings, but tonight I made the first move of my music equipment. Kelley wanted me to get certified in music production this year so I could start recording bands here at our house. She's taking that away from me. She's taking me being able to drum away from me. She's taking the freedom of the only thing that made me happy, being able to make that fucking music. Now it's all going to be in fucking boxes.

She's taken everything from me. A month ago I had a wife, a home, a life. And in one fell swoop she's taken it all from me. No more planning to record bands at our home. I won't have a home.

I didn't do anything wrong. Why has this happened to me. Good friday my ass. The only thing good would be if I don't wake up to see Shitty Saturday.

I was so close to the final stretch on that album. It may never see the light of day.

Gabe Kangas

Apr 6, 2007