New Rules

Below is the email sent to Kelley outlining the new rules of our little situation. Enjoy.------- The truth is we have not been separated since November. You have taken part in perjury. For me to agree to the statement would be doing the same. However, if you agree to my requests from here on, I am willing to listen and accept your explanation of the statement as fact.

I've had enough of receiving paperwork full of demands from you when I've recieved no equal paperwork telling me what I'll get in return. You asked to make this easy, but instead sent a list of demands in the form of a settlement proposal and had me served in an insulting fashion with a court summons. You could have gone to the County Clerk's office and filled out paperwork, but instead sought the assistance of an attorney. These are not the acts of someone looking for things to be easy; these are the acts of someone on the offensive trying to embarrass, take advantage of, and punish me. You would not have been willing to pay the $2500 retainer for a "simple" divorce.

Therefore, in order for you to get the quick divorce you want so badly, the new rules are as follows:

1) There are to be no verbal agreements. Everything is to be written down in detail. It is to be filed through your attorney and copies sent to me. It is not to be changed unless the same process is repeated. If you aim to add flexibility to any clause, it must be formally added to the paperwork. All agreements and paperwork will become official documents in the divorce proceeding, as you cannot be trusted with your word.

2) You will be honest from this moment on. You will tell me what is going on with respect to the divorce. You will no longer hide things being written on papers. There are to be no more surprises. You will cease lying about items of contention. You will no longer pretend this divorce is for the both of us. I'm well aware of your infidelity in the marriage with Dan Zink and your desire to push the divorce through quickly due to his involvement.

3) I'm to receive no more paperwork from your counsel with demands of what I'm to do for you. If I'm to waive all claim to your bank accounts, you won't do the same for mine? You keep your car, and I have to sell mine? There is not one word on file with what I'll be leaving the house with, and all demands have been a one-way street. This will change. Attached is my division of assets, as you have neglected to create one yourself. A copy will be forwarded to your attorney. The list supplied may be changed by our internal discussion, and the final agreement of property will be again filed as a formal piece of the divorce paperwork. This is just my recommendation, as not everything could be thought of at once. I want the final version completed by Saturday, May 5th.

4) Concessions must be made since you are the one who wanted the divorce. Keeping everything except the furniture you admitted you would dispose of once I left the house is not a fair and just way to handle the situation.

5) There is to be no more destruction of my personal property. To do so would be grounds for immediate cancellation of all agreements and the police will be contacted.

6) The burden of proof with regards to debt allocation was purely on your shoulders. Due to the fact that you have provided no invoices, receipts, and the credit cards are only in your name, you have not proven that the responsibility of debt does not fall solely on your shoulders. Marital debt is only accumulated within the time of the marriage, not before, and not once separation takes place. Under penalty of law, you signed that we separated in November, 2006, yet explained that most of the debt accumulated is due to purchasing Christmas gifts in our marriage. With this date of separation you gave, we could have never spent a Christmas as husband and wife, therefore your reason is invalid. However, I agreed to pay $3,000, and that will remain to be true unless further demands are made by you or this agreement cannot be determined.

7) There is to be no packing, labeling, organizing, or separating of my personal belongings. This will be done on my time in the way I see fit. With things being boxed up, there is no way to know what items are coming with me and what items are not. This would be a violation of these new terms, as I'm to know exactly what I'm in possession of and what is rightfully mine.

8) I have no responsibility to continue to be represented by counsel. It is my decision. Therefore, all requests, amendments, or statements are to be sent directly to me. I will make the decision on who I want to involve and when.

Any change, debate, or disregard of these new terms will result in a two-year contested divorce due to, but not limited to, the date of separation, reasons of dissolution, and settlement agreement.




Gabe Kangas

Apr 30, 2007