Got Served With My Papers

Right out of a tv show. The doorbell rang and a stranger said "Are you Gabriel Kangas?" I said yes, and he handed me a stack of papers and walked away. What a bitch. She wanted to make this "easy", she could had went to the county clerk's office and filled out a form and had been done with it. But now I'm just getting pissed off. I keep getting official paper after paper saying "Gabe will do this, Gabe will do that. Gabe will give up this, Gabe will not ever do that." Nowhere does anywhere state anything that Kelley has to give up, or anything Kelley HAS to do. It's only shit I HAVE to do and i'm getting a little fucking upset over being a punching bag. If I had a scanner i'd scan this crap in so everyone could see it, it's enough to get anyone on edge.

The papers say we haven't lived as husband and wife since November, 2006. Complete lie. It says that so Kelley can have her May divorce. If I agree that to be the truth that's called perjury, and is against the law. Kelley already signed the papers stating all was fact, so she's already broken the law. The last thing I need is to have a court fine or jail time or some other crap. I'm going to have to consult with my attorney on this, I feel really uncomfortable with blatant lies. The way it works in Illinois is: A six month separation is required if both parties agree to use this ground. Otherwise, a two year separation is needed before "No-fault" can be employed.

"Separation", as it applies to this ground, has been extended to also include living under the same roof but not as Husband and Wife (i.e. no physical contact, freedom to come and go without explanation, separate laundry, checking accounts, etc.).

Well, we slept in the same bed until a few weeks ago. Not quite six months. I'm doing my laundry myself for the first time right now, as I type. Not quite six months there either. Lies. She's full of lies.

Also, the money I owe ($3000) refers to a percentage of the amount of debt accrued during our marriage (that's the law, pre-marriage debt is not shared - she says it does), due to christmas gifts purchased for my family. Well, if we were separated since November, how was she buying Christmas gifts for my family in December?

The court form also has my title wrong for my job, so that's an inaccuracy.

So many things wrong with this. So many lies.

Gabe Kangas

Apr 29, 2007