Day 5.

On day five. Believe it or not, as time goes by, no matter how much you hope... you have *less* money than you had then when you started. When you get paid, you get more, but when between pay periods the amount of money you have does go down. That does lead it to be pretty difficult to finding a new place to live and throwing together the funds needed to starting a new life. When you're only counting the time you've known in days, not weeks or months.. what exactly are you supposed to do? You think happy thoughts, I guess. What else can you do? Nobody is going to come to me offering me a free apartment for being a way cool dude. They all will want money. Money I don't have because i've only known I'll need an apartment for the past five days. I'm all dressed up, with nowhere to go.

Sorry, that's PACKED up.

Gabe Kangas

Apr 2, 2007