And Now Things Really Get Messy. I'm Losing My Car.

Yes, more messy than the dirt thrown all over my stuff, and the eternal smell of incense in the house. I received a copy of the settlement proposal yesterday from my attorney. Imagine my surprise reading that if I don't get Kelley off my car loan by July 1st I have to sell my car and pay off the loan. This is after she said she would say on my car loan to make my "life easier". Since Kelley has allowed me to move back in the house July 1st is also the day I must move out, and until then I'm to pay her $1,000/month.

So I emailed her and asked what the deal with the car was. She said she'd stay on my loan, and now I get a paper saying i'm losing my car. She replied:

"Did you want me to stay on it? I can, if that's what you want to do. I wasn't lying. I just thought you'd want me off of it. Please call me."

I called, we discussed. She said she'd stay on the loan and would contact her attorney today to change the papers to have it in writing.

I get home and she tells me she changed her mind and she will not stay on my loan and it will need to be sold by the new date of September 1st or find a way to get her name off the loan. I explained that i'm starting a new life and I can't afford to get a new loan at a higher rate right now. She doesn't care. So now that i'm losing everything else, i'm also going to lose my car.

Gabe Kangas

Apr 24, 2007