Seriously? Damnit.

So the person I despise more than anyone else on a professional level now is my boss. I've butted heads with him for years. YEARS. I remember getting into it with him at both our past clients. I've dealt with him all this time as a peer. He had no authority. Sure he'd push his weight around, tell you he's right and you're wrong, but I could blow him off without a problem. I won't be able to deal with him at this new level. He already has an air of superiority for no good reason. Now he has a reason. He listens to nothing than what's going on in his own head. His ego is all that guides him. He's fine talking about a tv show, but if you want to talk about anything meaningful he won't let you have a word in. And if you try, he'll tell you you're wrong. Plain fucking wrong, and you should shut the hell up. He's just a plain bad person for someone to have to deal with.

The other week, I was talking to him about work things, at work. WORK THINGS AT WORK. CRAZY! Catch your breath. Ok, so, work things at work. And he would continue to interrupt me over and over again to leave to take personal phone calls dealing with personal business locking himself in a conference room. Wtf? I'm trying to discuss work and you're leaving to yell at someone about some stupid shit. I'm going through a divorce and i'm certainly not trying to make my workplace pay for it through this whole thing. I guess he was just training himself to be a manager. He did a great job. He got promoted for it.

I already have no say on how things work here. I don't know how i'll get less of a say, but he'll find a way. I understand that. It's called the corporate latter. I don't expect anyone to listen to me at my pay grade.

I feel a bit deceived that it wasn't mentioned it was going to happen before it did. To give some warning before it took place. He was made aware that he was my boss without me being made aware that he was my boss.

Good timing isn't it? I don't really want to start hating my job right now, but I can see that coming.

But because stability is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT right now, i'll put my blinders on and i'll TRY not to kick his ass every day. I'll move my cube if I have to. Communicate via email. That would work. He's only unbearable in person. In email he's just another person. I'll pretend it's someone I respect telling me what to do. That might work. No meetings, no words. Just emails. Maybe the developers will let me sit by them?

So my fuse is short at the moment. And i'm not sure how i'm going to handle things.

First my personal life, and now my professional life.

So much for work being my escape.

Gabe Kangas

Mar 28, 2007