Seriously. Should had stayed in bed today. Day went fine until I decided to go home from work and Metra decided to stop all trains from leaving Chicago on my train line.

So a few hours later (We're talking after 9pm finally) Metra decides I can finally go home and I do. Too bad the train station wasn't shoveled or plowed when I got off the train.

My car isn't anywhere near where you get off the train, it's quite the long treck. And it it's even longer when it's in feet of snow. I was exhausted by the time I got home. I was ready to crash.

But the amount of snow waiting for me in the driveway was crazy, I couldn't even park my car legally. So I spent another 45min or so shoveling and trying to beat off the cramps that keep popping up due to my lack of physical ability.

So here I am finally able to go to bed and I can't, i'm just too worked up. That and my ear ache.