So I cancelled cable

Or so I tried. I called anyway. The people at Comcast hooked me up with a new "deal" that I just couldn't pass up, or something. I have a feeling once I get the bill it won't be such a deal anymore. They find ways to add on tons of stupid charges. Add on all the other taxes and we'll see how much better off I am. I got pissed at Comcast once and for all. My plan was to cancel cable and just download shows through the new Amazon Unbox + TiVo setup or through the Apple TV + iTunes Store setup. I spent to much on my new TiVo that I figured it would work great as a media download appliance, but Amazon doesn't have much of selection compared to iTunes.

I'm just trying to find ways to free myself from the companies telling me how I should be spending my money. I don't have enough money as it is, so it really bothers me when it goes somewhere when i'm not convinced it's what I want to be spending it on. Lifetime, Oxygen, Hallmark Channel, Golf TV, ESPN, all things I don't want my money to go to.

So i'll give this new deal a shot for a month, but i'll probably cancel it still. I'm willing to go without TV completely just to not have to deal with them and be a part of the empire. I'll pay my $2 a week to watch LOST, another $2 for South Park, etc.

($2 * # of Shows) * 4 weeks in a month < What i'm paying comcast.

And freedom is priceless.