So I'm Working on Music

I think I have about 15 songs now in various stages of completion. There's probably only two or so that are "done", another two or so that are barely started, and the rest all in between. I'm going through the phase now where I ignore all the original songs that I spent a lot of time on. During the holidays I didn't have much time to spend on music, so it was a good cleansing period. When I got back to it it's much better to start with new creative ideas then to just keep drilling the details of the old ones, so that's what i'm doing. I go back and forth between wondering if I should have one song finished before I go to the next, but that's not how it's working out. Once I get too saturated with the details that i've zoomed in too far to see the full picture of the songs i'm working on now then it'll be time to go back to the other ones again, and over and over again. I guess.

I wish I could give myself some kind of timeline to finish everything, but that's really impossible. I think probably 6 months though? The hard part is I need to get hardware to track drums, and that's pretty expensive. All in due time, I suppose.

Gabe Kangas

Jan 20, 2007