Go Bears!

Go somewhere else, I mean. I'm not a fan of the Chicago Bears, Chicago's media toward the Chicago Bears, or anything dealing with the Chicago Bears. When they lose the Chicago media is all "Rex can't cut it, The Bears can't make it, turnz0rv3r." and when they win it's all "Rex is the miracle worker, the Bears are the world's dream team!". The city is the most two faced hypocritical fans of it's own team that i've ever seen. They hate and love the team more than i've ever seen. So either way they're "Right".

Maybe since I didn't grow up in Chicagoland i'm more disgusted than most, but seriously... 1985, get over it. No other city dwells on a single win like Chicago does. "Da Bears", "Da Coach".

Ok, i'm done.

Gabe Kangas

Jan 21, 2007