Gabe Kangas is a product engineer in San Francisco. He goes to concerts and will talk to you about futurepop. He likes to work on lots of different projects.
New Web Site for 2019
For the first time in a long time, a new personal home page! I talk a bit about why, and the tools I used.
My 2018 in Review
A recap of the past year, including projects, products, and my usage of social networks past, present and future.
Your Internet Sucks.
My thoughts on mainstream corporate internet products and putting new coats of paint on top of internet standards.
Goodbye, Rdio
I chronicle my time as a user and employee of the much-loved music streaming service.
Recent Posts
I made a post when I pushed up my initial idea of Owncast to GitHub, but I haven’t posted any status updates to my own website since then. There’s been some significant traction lately, so I wanted to take a moment to write an update. We’ve been making steady progress under the radar with a fantastic group of people who have discovered the project. We knew that once we completed our Owncast web admin feature that we’d let a few more people know about the status of things, since it’s an added level of polish and ease of use that might appeal to people.
Download here. Another fun Owncast test stream! I went a bit more trancey this time and I thought it was a good mix of tunes. On the downside, however, there was some troubleshooting required during the set, so there was some excessive looping required to buy myself some time. Oh well, that’s live streaming for you! Tracklist 00:00:00 Alexander Metzger - Police Radio Intro (Time Bandits Mix) 00:00:00 Moby - Too Much Change (KAS:ST Remix) 00:04:20 Space 92 - Run (Original Mix) 00:11:00 The Second Wave - Fallen Star (Original Mix) 00:14:57 i_o - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) 00:22:24 STUDIO-X vs.
Download audio here. We all got together to listen to some music and hang out while testing the next release of Owncast last night. I had a blast, and it seems like everyone else did too. This continuted tradition of getting together to hang out on a live stream to beta test is really pretty great. Everyone enjoys themselves, we get feedback about Owncast, and it exercises the work that’s been done on the software.
Today The Bat Player on AppleTV was shut down. I wanted to document a bit about the history of the application, and why it’s being rejected from the Apple AppStore. I started The Bat Player in 2014. I wanted a better Internet Radio experience on the TV. I dreamt of artist info, album details and photos. At the time most Internet Radio apps just showed text of the currently playing track and I wanted more.
Download here. More Owncast testing! Had a fantastic time streaming some tunes for friends. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I got some good testing in from everyone visiting the Owncast server. Win, win! Here’s an audio recording of the evening. Tracklist 00:00:00 Daft Punk - Technologic (Deborah De Luca Edit) 00:01:16 Nine Inch Nails - Closer To God 00:06:38 AESTHETISCHE - Cold Bliss MMXX 00:11:04 artillery nightspace - renouncing the agent 00:14:05 Faderhead - I Did Not Know (feat.
On July 7th, 2020 I did a live video stream to test Owncast. This is the audio recording from that video. It was cool to have people drop by, listen to some music, and help test out the server. I really appreciate the time anybody spends to help me test things, since when it comes to things like Owncast it needs to be used to be tested. And people need to tune in for me to get any useful data out of it.
Backstory. In 2020 the world changed when everyone become stuck in their homes, looking for creative outlets to share their art, skills and themselves from inside their bedroom. This created an explosion of live streaming on Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. These services provided everything they needed, an easy way to live stream to the world, and a chat for users to be a part of their community. But in a world where many were previously finding ways to rely on the big internet service companies less, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic made everyone run right back to them.
May 13, 2020. Another live stream mix on The Bat Station! This was my first time doing a mix using Rekordbox, so I’m a little rusty with it. I tried to be a little more creative in chopping things up in real-time that caters to my inner musician tendencies. It’s cool to treat DJ hardware as an instrument. I had fun, and I hope you enjoy the music I picked out.