Gabe Kangas is a product engineer in San Francisco. He goes to concerts and will talk to you about futurepop. He likes to work on lots of different projects.
New Web Site for 2019
For the first time in a long time, a new personal home page! I talk a bit about why, and the tools I used.
My 2018 in Review
A recap of the past year, including projects, products, and my usage of social networks past, present and future.
Why Your Tech Stack Matters (It's Not Why You Think)
My thoughts on cross-platform development solutions given the rise in popularity of React Native.
Your Internet Sucks.
My thoughts on mainstream corporate internet products and putting new coats of paint on top of internet standards.
Recent Posts
May 13, 2020. Another live stream mix on The Bat Station! This was my first time doing a mix using Rekordbox, so I’m a little rusty with it. I tried to be a little more creative in chopping things up in real-time that caters to my inner musician tendencies. It’s cool to treat DJ hardware as an instrument. I had fun, and I hope you enjoy the music I picked out.
While the lockdowns have been going on, and I haven’t been working (I’ll probably blog about that soon), I’ve been keeping busy with other projects. I’ve picked up a new hobby of doing some DJ mixes, streaming them on internet radio, and recording them for sharing with friends. This has led me to building some tooling around all of this stuff that I think, for a small population, might find useful.
This is the first time I did a public live stream on The Bat Station. A handful of people tuned in and it was pretty cool. I figured if it all fell apart I could just not share the recording, but it turned out ok. I’m still not great a this whole mixing thing, but I’m getting better, and it’s fun to share this new hobby and show you all my progress!
For fun I wanted to do a little mix with some 90s dance tracks. I unapologetically love that stuff. I still don’t know how to DJ or mix tracks properly, but I’m enjoying myself.
There’s no lack of thinkpieces around the lockdowns and global work from home changes taking place. But I wanted to discuss a different angle that people don’t seem to be discussing, at least publicly. Right now the internet is flooded with screenshots of Zoom video conferences, everyone smiling, talking about their cute background images and how comfortable it is to be home. They’re talking about how they’re working more efficient than ever, how they can just roll out of bed and immediately start working.
A few weeks ago I shut down Longtail Music, my internet radio discovery platform. I wanted to give a bit of a postmortem to talk about what I sent out to do, what it did, and why I think things never worked out. I originally built Longtail Music as a spinoff from my time with The Bat Player, an internet radio client for the TV. I thought if The Bat Player was a client for people who already love internet radio and know what they want to listen to, then I want to build something on the web for people to discover internet radio for the first time and discover a station they would love.
I’ve felt lousy about the internet, software, computers and technology lately. Recently I’ve abandoned a project of mine and that made me feel pretty bad. It made me think about my relationship with my personal computer and the things I use it for. I realized once I removed macOS and iOS software development from things I use my computer for I’m not really tied to a Mac. And though I love macOS, Macintosh computers, and the entire Apple ecosystem, I just needed to look at something else for a while and rekindle that passion I have for my computer.
I’m no longer going to continue work on my Mastodon client, Mastochist. And even though it doesn’t really impact anybody but myself, I felt I owed people a detailed explanation and apology since people have heard me talk about the work I’ve put in it for quite a while. Mostly I owe an apology to Cara who I hired to design the look of the app, and she became my sounding board as I built out features.